About Goodlight

GOODLIGHT is a young film production company that focuses on corporate films and documentaries. We make high-quality films with a surprising and young character and believe that careful dialogue about your needs is essential. We view filmmaking as a collaborative process.

Founded in 2021, GOODLIGHT is run by Arvind Choenni and Pieter Wibaut. We created GOODLIGHT to explore the world through a lens and tell its stories.

How we work
We are a customer-focused film company operating in the Netherlands. Delivering high-quality film to our clients efficiently and communicatively. Check out our workflow below.
1. Getting to know each other
We like to meet on location or by phone to get to know each other. We want to listen to your story and talk about ways to visualize your ideas as effective as possible. After the first conversation, we create a fitting offer based on your wishes and goals. Afterward, a brainstorming session will start about the content of the film which will lead to a script and storyboard.
2. Production
The production phase starts after we understand your vision. This phase includes planning and organization of the actors, locations and film gear. We also communicate our music choices to effectively shoot in harmony with the background music. When the preparation is done we start recording.
3. Editing
After the shoot the footage will be molded into a story. This usually takes the most amount of time and is where your film is truly created. When editing we keep in close contact to include you in the creative process and keep you updated. This is the moment where you can give us feedback on the first edit versions of your film and adjust it to your liking.
4. Feedback & delivery
Done! We deliver the final product after your final feedback. We also give information on the distribution and preservation of the film quality.
What we make
We create a broad range of films to promote and illuminate products for your customers or staff. We also deliver aftermovies of events or instruction films by visualizing your corporate plans and ideas.
We create films for big audiences that sell your product. These films can used for social media or broadcasting platforms and can differ in length.
Have a creative idea? We would love to hear about it and work together. We have powerful editing machines and like to think outside the box. Let us know if you would like to create short films or music videos.
We want to help you find and capture stories from reality. We try to capture the world through our efficient, high quality and discrete equipment.
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Want to collaborate?
We are keen to learn about your ideas and plans.
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